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BBQ Team Registration

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BBQ Prize Money Update 2017

Sauce Chicken Ribs Pork Brisket Beans Dessert People's Choice
1st ½ of pot $500 $575 $575 $500 $200 $200 $400
2nd $450 $450 $450 $425 $100 $100 $300
3rd $400 $400 $400 $400 $200
4th $350 $350 $350 $350
5th $325 $325 $325 $325
6th $300 $300 $300 $300
7th $275 $275 $275 $275
8th $250 $250 $250 $250
9th $230 $230 $230 $230
10th $215 $215 $215 $215
Total ½ of pot $3,295 $3,370 $3,370 $3,270 $300 $300 $900
o Grand Champion: Trophy and Banner $1,750
o Reserve Champion: Trophy $1,000
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BBQ Team Registration

BBQ Team Registration

Please keep your email updated. It is used as our main form of communication used to keep you updated.
The judging for this event is on SUNDAY 9/3/17.

Friday Night We will continue our Friday night entertainment. Your wristbands will allow everyone access into the stage area. We just ask that you leave your coolers and beverages back in "BBQ town" due to TABC guidelines.

NEW incentives for People’s Choice Help!!! We will also be providing each team that participates in a people's choice a pork butt. I am still in desperate need of additional People’s Choice Participants on Saturday. In addition to the extra wristbands, closer locations to turn in and prize money, I am going to have drawings. All teams that participate in People’s Choice will be eligible for the drawing that will be held after the health department inspections. I am looking for a few more goodies – so there might be more. Come on now – I’m trying :)

Electricity will remain on until Monday morning at 8AM.

A few of the turn in times have changed. See below for updated schedule.

The total refund will be a percentage of the actual amount paid minus any fees that we had to pay the credit card company (so it will be slightly less than what you actually paid).

21 days or over = 100% - this will be 8/11 at midnight
20 days - 14 days = 75% - this will be 8/18 at midnight
13 days - 7 days = 50% - this will be 8/25 at midnight
6 days or less = no refund
It is possible to avoid all penalties and have another team cook in your space.

  • The event is located at the City of Bedford City Hall property the address will be 2000 Forest Ridge Dr, Bedford TX 76021. The actual event will take place in the four block radius surrounding the property and the street will be closed down. Teams and judges will enter via Northbound Forest Ridge Drive at the City Hall entrance.
  • For those teams towards the back there will be a little bit of a walk to turn ins. You will need to make sure that you time it correctly when you arrive (they will be in a building across the street). Teams competing in People’s Choice will be given the slots in the Northwest corner closest to the turn in location. Please let me know if this was not the case in 2016 so we can do better in 2017.

Spaces are 40 X 20 (Camper, RV, handicap, etc.) All vehicles and/or equipment must fit inside this space. Cars will not be allowed to drive in and out due to space and pedestrian issues. There is a parking lot located nearby for vehicles that need to get out. You do have the option of buying an extra space. The extra space is for your personal use and another team CANNOT compete out of that space!

  • EVENT LOCATION: All spaces are on grass.
  • PACKETS: Packets can be picked up at the as you arrive at the gate if you arrive after 2PM on Saturday.
  • ELECTRIC: 1 – 20 or 30 (for those of you with RV’s) amp electrical outlets are available. We group all of you according to your electrical and water needs.. so please make sure we have all of that information correct. Additional electricity can be provided if needed. An additional charge of $25 has been added to those with RV’s. The electricity will run in the middle and everyone will need the appropriate extension cord to reach to that point. The electricity will stay on until 8AM on Monday morning.
  • WATER: Water will also be provided if needed. It should have been indicated in your registration. The water is located at the far end. If you are on the opposite end you will need to run enough hose to your spot (could be as far as 300 ft). If you do NOT need water running directly up to your spot, please let me know and I will switch your spot out to a spot further from the water and you can help out fellow pit masters with the water hose issue. You will still have access to the water, even if you state you don’t need it at your spot.
  • ICE: Everyone will receive one bag of ice and any additional ice can be purchased at $5 for a 35lb bag. The ice vendor will be on site all weekend. Due to difficulties in the past we are going to have continue to have City Staff on hand to sell ice in 2017.
  • LAYOUT: If you want to be “neighbors” with someone please indicate it on your form.
  • SETUP: Team set up begins at 9AM on Friday and ends at 5:00PM on Saturday. Due to anticipated foot traffic, all BBQ teams must be registered and team vehicles/smokers/RVs must be in place no later than 5:00PM Saturday. If your arrival will be after 5:00PM, please let me know. We will have a BBQ parking lot and all cars that are not RV’s will need to move to that lot for in and out privileges
  • COOKS MEETING: The cooks meeting will be Saturday at 6PM.
  • CATEGORIES: Additional categories can be added and/or removed on-site. If you decide you want to do sauce when you arrive we can add that.. no worries!
  • TICKETS: Each team will receive 10 wristbands. These wristbands will be good for both days and will allow you access in and out of the festival grounds. There will be people at the entrance checking for wristband in 2017. If you need to purchase more wristbands let me know. NEW * If you participate in People’s Choice you will be given 10 additional wristbands for the weekend. That is over a $100 value!! Join us for this FUN event!!! The People’s Choice Teams are also located at the Northwest corner of the lot in the closest locations to the turn ins.
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